How Many Juvederm Treatments Are Needed to Make Acne Scars Less noticeable?

Are juvederm treatments needed weekly or monthly for best results for reducing the appearance of acne scars?

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Juvederm for scars

Juvederm is considered a temporary treatment. This product will go away eventually and you will need more injections. You should consider something that will be more longer lasting and I would suggest a multilayered approach with co2 laser resurfacing to polish the scars to get them to look as good as possible.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Soft contoured or rolled acne scars show excellent improvement in one treatment.

Soft contoured or rolled acne scars show excellent improvement in one treatment and the improvement is immediate.  Additional treatments are 8 to 12 month intervals over a few years may actually give a semipermanent improvement.  If laser treatments are added to the treatment plan, 75 to 100% improvement can be achieved.  Pitted, raised, keloiid, red or brown, or hypertrophic scars require a different treatment protocol.

Mark Taylor, MD
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