How Much Does Smart Lipo MPX Cost?

Is MPX more expensive than regular Smartlipo surgery?

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Is MPX more expensive than regular Smartlipo surgery

Dear Maria, thank yopu for your question.  Triplex is the upgraded version of the MPX Smartlipo platform.I have not changed or increased my prices since i upgraded platforms.  Prices for liposuction varies by what part of the country you live in and also depends on the how many areas you want liposuctioned. PLease consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in ypur area. Best wishes. 

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Is Smartlipo MPX more expensive than regular Smartlipo surgery?

The Smartlipo Triplex in 2012, is the most advanced platform that Cynosure has produced for laser-assisted liposuction. It is an upgrade of the Smarlipo MPX that now has three wavelengths, 1064, 1320, and 1440. The 1440 wavelength has 40 times the absorption in fat than the previous Smarlipo MPX.  This allows faster and more efficient treatment.

In addition to the 1440 wavelength, the Triplex incorporates ThermaGuide, a temperature sensing and control mechanism built in to the laser. The laser turns off if safe temperatures are exceeded, alerting the user and then preventing the laser from firing. This very valuable safety feature allows the laser to be used to safely tighten skin. The temperature just under the skin can be set to rise to 45 degrees Centrigrade while the laser is uniformly applied. The result is skin contraction and tissue tightening that continues for six months after the treatment. This skin tightening is not seen with traditional liposuction, so is in my opinion an advantage when skin laxity may compromise liposuction results.

The additional step of skin tightening takes more time and resources, so the cost is higher than Smartlipo MPX alone.  

Since the skill and experience of the surgeon are paramount in achieving good results, one should expect to pay more for Smartlipo MPX or Smartlipo Triplex than the regular Smartlipo which can be purchased and used by any physician, such as an internist, ER doctor, or family practitioner

Robert M. Lowen, MD
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Smartlipo MPX usually costs the same as Smartlipo

Smartlipo MPX is the laser liposuction machine that has two different wavelengths of laser. It is higher powered than the original Smartlipo machines. Price varies more with the size of area to be treated, type of anesthesia, and surgeon. If prices you are comparing are very different, look more closely, you may not be comparing equivalent procedures.

Daryl K. Hoffman, MD
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SmartLipo Pricing

Pricing typically varies among the physicians. The pricing generally seems about the same with SmartLipo and SmartLipo MPX. Your research should also entail the experience of the physician.

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Cost of SmartLipo MPX

The cost of SmartLipo can vary somewhat among surgeons, but in general, the cost of SmartLipo MPX should be about the same as SmartLipo.

SmartLipo MPX is the most advanced SmartLipo system currently available.

One of the most important factors to consider is whether your surgeon has extensive training and experience with liposuction.

Plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, for example, have several years of residency training in surgery and plastic surgery, including liposuction.

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SmartLipo MPX may be more expensive that regular lipo.

SmartLipo MPX may be more expensive that regular lipo.  This procedure requires the use of a very expensive laser which may add to the cost of the procedure.

Mark Taylor, MD
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