Fraxel Vs. Palomar Fractional Skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars?

Can someone please help me make my decision? I am 34 and have acne scarring only on cheeks...two ice pick scars on one cheek and the other about 5 not as deep scars. I am trying to decide between Fraxel laser or Palomar fracional skin resurfacing. The Palomar Lux1540 is Non invasive and has no down time (less redness and doesn't hurt nearly as bad, so I've been told) Which laser is better for acne scars and being I am only doing a spot treatment (not whole face) will I have discoloration where areas are treated?

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Acne scars respond poorly to any laser treatment.

The most aggressive laser treatment for the skin is the CO2 laser. It generates deeper injury than the fraxel or other modalities. Full face CO2laser therapy for acne scars results most often in very modest improvement. Patients should understand this. I have seen many patients very disappointed with the fraxel therappy;

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Fractional Surgery has only a very minimal effect on acne scarring

In my experience fractional CO2 surgery has only a minimal effect on acne scarring. We prefer some combination of punch excision and traditional CO2 Laser Resurfacing but even with this type of treatment we will only predict 50-60% improvement with each procedure. Acne scarring is a very tough problem and patients are universally disappointed due to inappropriate high expectations. Be careful how you spend your money!

S. Randolph Waldman, MD
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