Is Bidding for Plastic Surgery Patients a Bad Idea?

RealSelf posted that bidding for patients with a Priceline model is bad for patients.  Do you agree?  Please share your thoughts on the ethics, benefits, and risks of such a service.

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Bidding for Plastic Surgery Patients

The problem with this approach is that it places all of the emphasis on the price of the procedure and none on the qualifications, results, practice style, and demeanor of the Surgeon.  This stems from the increased accessibility, popularity, and to some degree the commodification of Plastic Surgery. Since variability of results will always exist between Surgeons, the approach is flawed. Shopping and price selection for price alone are not advisable for Patient or for Surgeon

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It can be.

What patients do not realize is as the price paid goes below a certain amount, the quality of the care must suffer. It costs a certain amount to offer a service at a high quality level.

Really cheap generally translates to really questionable.

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