I Have an Internal Blackhead Under my Nose and It Hurts when I Touch It?

Please help i cant pop it

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Tender Blackhead on Nose

It sounds like from your description that what you are calling an "internal blackhead" may actually be a cyst that is inflamed. Those often need to be incised and drained and/or injected with cortisone for optimal and quickest resolution (to also avoid discoloration and scarring). I suggest you see a dermatologist for treatment and in the meantime you can try warm compresses and spot treating with benzoyl peroxide.


New York Dermatologist
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Don't try to remove by yourself, see a professional.

Make an appointment with your dermatologist or aesthetician for an extraction.  They have special instrument, an extractor, to remove the blackhead quickly and without damaging surrounding tissue.  Squeezing or trying to "pop" only causes more pain and can potentially injure the surrounding tissue.

Cheryl A. Hull, MD
Rogers Dermatologic Surgeon
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