Second Intention Healing of an Abdominal Scar?

Hi, I recently had a myomectomy. The abdominal scar was sutured but become infected after a week. The wound was reopened and healing was now second intention. After the wound was healed, an indented scar was left. The scar seems stuck and there is a flap over it. What r my options?

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Fixing a scar on the abdomen from a previous surgery

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Surgical scar revision or tummy tuck surgery may improve the scars on the lower abdomen. I perform both of these procedures with high success. 

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Second intention healing of abdominal scar

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1.Find a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in abdominal wall reconstructions.

2.Make sure there is no residual infection in the wound.

3.The scar should be fairly matured and the surrounding tissue soft and pliable.

4.Wait at least 6 weeks before planning a scar removal and closure.

5. The way the scar will be revised and the wound closed depend on multiple factors such as

- the position and the orientation of the scar

-the amount of healthy tissue left

-your surgeons preference

Feel free to send pictures and will be a lot more specific with my recommendations.

David Evdokimow, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

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