How to Treat Inherent Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

I am so frustrated with my dark circles. I have had them all of my life. I even recall my mother asking doctors as a child about it. I thought IPL/Fractional may be a solution, but reviews are mixed. I'm 30 yo-male, 1st-generation Italian-American.

I went to an allergist thinking that may help, but it didn't. I am at the moment of my life where I don't want to feel ugly anymore. I'm frequently asked if I'm sick/didn't sleep/high and I hate it. Now I just respond "I just have ugly eyes".

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! HELP!

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Tear trough filling with Restylane

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Dear GpD

The best approach for your under eye area is filling with Restylane and perhaps a little additional support in the cheek with Perlane. This type of treatment is an easy office service. There can be bruising which resolves and lumps which can be dissolve. The bad news is that you might require up to 3 milliliters of volume under each eye. Marc Cohen ( is an expert eye plastic surgeon near you who performs this type of treatment.

Good luck!

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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