Will Infant Scratches Leave Permanent Scars?

My daughter scratched herself twice on the cheek when she was two weeks old. Both cuts drew blood and I applied Neosporin a few times initially. Although fainter, I can still see the scars and she is now 3.5 months old. Will these scars be permanent? If not, how long might they take to fully disappear? Is there anything I can apply that's safe at her age to help with healing process? Thank you in advance for your response.....I really want these scars to go away!!

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Infant scars

In general, I would say not to worry.  Infants typically make very red and inflamed appearing scars at the beginning.  They take a long time to fade out.  There is not really anything I would suggest to make them fade faster.  If they are thick or raised (hypertrophic), then there are topical preparations that include silicone as a base which can help flatten the scars.  But, I doubt that that is what you are dealing with.  So, rest assured, things will get better.  It may take 6-12 months for the scars to fade entirely.  Until then, protect her skin from the sun.  Too much sun on the new scars can pigment them.  If they are a little thick, scar massage can help soften them.  This is all the advice I generally give my mommies in clinic.  Take a deep breath!  She will be just fine.  Take care!

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