Is there any way I can significantly reduce my pitted acne scars along with my severe chicken pox scars? (Photo)

Ever since my adolescence days, I've been suffering from acne and as a result I've been left with pitted acne scars. I'm 21 now & although it has reduced considerably (except one or two pimples sprouting here and there occasionally), it has taken a major toll on my self-esteem and made me extremely self-conscious. The pitted acne scarring was compounded when I was diagnosed with chicken pox 3 years ago and has made my life miserable. Please suggest me the best possible treatment.

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Always treat the scar type and never the device- best tip for acne scars

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You have multiple scar types my friend, so I would always approach this with a targeted approach of treating the scar types. In you case- INFINI and PRP - 2-3 sessions, spaced 3 -4 weeks apart followed by subcision and filler (Bellafill or Juvederm). Can lasers like HALO work ? YES! The erbium bit will do very little for your skin but the deeper non-ablative second wavelength can help with collagen, however, there are many other methods to treat your scars. I use to do fractional erbium (SCITON) on darker skin types 4-5 years ago, but tech and techniques have changed. See video for more info. All the best Dr Davin Lim Brisbane, Australia. 

Halo Resurfacing or Rejuvapen Micro Needling

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I think that laser resurfacing could be a great benefit to the scar tissue using a hybrid fractional laser called Halo by Sciton. Halo is laser resurfacing of scars with an added wavelength to address pigmentation that often accompanies acne in darker skin types. Vaporization of thickened scar tissue while creating channels into deeper dermal layers allows for healthy cells to move into the area and replace the scar. This would be my top suggestion to address scarring with PIH. Micro Needling has also proven to be effective in reducing the appearance of scars by mechanically breaking apart the tethered fibers allowing for replacement. 

Anita Henderson, MD
Bend Family Physician

Acne scars dark skin

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I think that you have some volume loss so that needs correcting first. Infini is a great device for darker skin patients with acne scars. I would do a series of at least 3. Afterwards, Bellafill is a good filler for the scars that aren't responding as well. PRP, subcision, TCA cross are other techniques that can improve things as well.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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