What Are the 3 Most Important Things to Look for when Choosing a Dermatologist?

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How to find a dermatologist

1. Board certification in dermatology. Many doctors practice dermatology who have had no training in dermatology. Unfortunately this is not illegal.

2. What kind of problem do you have? Deramatology has many sub specialists, such as surgical/cosmetic, Mohs surgery, contact dermatitis (allergy), psoriasis/ photo medicine. Ask your internist to ask their derm colleagues for the best person for your problem.

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What should you look for in your dermatologist

1. Board Certification

2. Depending on your condition for which you want to be seen, total body examinations to screen for skin cancer are important, and your dermatologist should have good lighting and magnification to look at moles

3. Hospital affiliation usually means that the doctor maintains a good level of continued medical education.

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