I Have Ice Pick/Rolling Scars? (photo)

Good Morning, I am new to "RealSelf" and I have ice pick / rolling scars. I am in great health, 44 and would really like to address these scars. From what I have read TCA Cross Method holds some promise with this type of issue. Can anyone share or perhaps recommend a treatment that had success with. I have also attached the left and right side of my face. The left is defintely worse. Many thanks in advance!

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Ice pick and rolling acne scars

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  I think that you will need multiple modalities to achieve the results you are seeking.  Some of the modalities that I use for patients like yourself include deep facial resurfacing, subcision, punch excisions and permanent fillers.  Find someone near you who will work with you to achieve exemplary results.

Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Ice pick and rolling scars and how to treat them

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Ice pick scars are the hardest to treat. I think that you have to treat them by causing as much stimulation as possible in the depths of the ice pick scars to get them to raise up through lasers, deep chemical peels, etc. Then once they are more level like rolling scars or box car scars you can then approach them with a multi layered approach. You have to treat acne scars at multiple different layers in the skin to get the best results.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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