I Am 26r Old Female. I Have Crows Feet Under my Eye, So What Would Be the Best Treatment for Me to Get Rid of my Problem?

I have crows feet (no bags) under my eye from last 5 yrs and now its just making me look so older. My skin is bit sensitive so , i am looking for any treatment that would be effective and safe. Please recommend me what option/s do i have with less risk, thanks..

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Botox or Dysport For Crows Feet

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From your picture, it is difficult to see the crows feet wrinkles.

However, you may want to educate yourself about different options for treatment before committing to a specific procedure.

Crows feet wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions from facial expressions such as laughing or smiling.  Botox or Dysport can be injected into these muscles to keep them relaxed so that they are unable to contribute to wrinkles.

Some people respond better to Botox. Others will respond better to Dysport.

Your results and experience will depend of the skills of the doctor who will be performing the injection. It will be best to choose a board certified dermatologist


Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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26 with under eye crow's feet

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It's difficult to see crow's feet in the picture you provided.  Are you concerned with lines on the sides of your eyes that are worse when you smile, or just the under eye area?  I do not see much in the way of lines under your eyes, but there is a depression under a small amount of bagginess.  This issue could be treated with a filler like Restylane.  It would be safe and should be effective.  Your other option would be to have surgery to remove some of the excess fat which causes the puffiness.  If you're just looking to help with crow's feet lines on the sides of the eyes, then Botox would work best for that.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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