What Laser Treatments Are Available for Hypopigmentation?

I have a number of small and large hypopigmented areas on my face due to injury and acne. Please help me learn what treatments are available (I've heard fraxel can be very good), as well as who in the Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME areas might be best able to help me.

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Eximer Laser

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There is a role here for the Eximer laser. This laser activates the remaining melanocytes which may be lying dormant in the hair folllicle. An IPL in the UVB range also works well. They  both are among the safer lasers to use as their penetration is less than most devices.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

PUVA therapy for hypopigmentation

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although i don't do this, PUVA therapy (ultra violet a) can be effective for hypopigmentation. sometimes it is permanent, sometimes you need retreatment. it activates melanocytes so if you are depigmented, it won't work. since i don't perform this procedure, you need to find a dermatologist who does do it and would recommend it in your situation.



Sam Lam, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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