Hypertrophic Scar caused by Acne inflammation? (photo)

Hi, I am a twenty-nine years old Asian male, there are hypertrophic scars on both of my chins caused by acne inflammation about ten years ago.I took three times injections last year and then applied about six months Silicone Gel Sheet, they have been improved much, but still look red and noticeable. I am using Mederma Gel right now, and plan to take Laser treatment. Please give me some advice, to what extent those scars will be improved, Can they be not noticeable after laser treatment, THX.

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Treatment of acne keloids on the jawline - Los Angeles

I treat many of these hypertrophic scars from acne and use a combination of lasers, injections, and topical treatment.

Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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As it seems you're well aware, there are no simple solutions to this kind of scarring

probably worsened by shaving...would consider laser hair reduction to the area to reduce the need to shave...and continue the cortisone injections...laser might help...personally don't have much confidence in the Mederma Gel...good luck

Ken Landow, MD
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