I have acne and scar on my face and cheeks only. How to remove in this treatment, how would it cost?

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Acne scarring

Need to see what type of scar to offer best solution, also, whether you still have active acne outbreaks as they need to be addressed before any scar treatment.  Deep scars may be amenable to be filled or excised.  Skin irregularity problem may be adequately improved with skin resurfacing procedures.  Your skin type also makes a difference as darker skin types are more difficult to adequately treat.

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Acne and Scar Treatment

There are lots of ways to treat acne scarring—finding the right treatment depends on the nature of the scars.The first step in treating acne scars is to stop the formation of new acne. From there, acne scar treatments are  customized depending on the characteristics of your skin and scars. 

  • Small, shallow acne scars, less aggressive treatment that involves concealing your acne scars with an injectable filler may be in order.
  • Large deep acne scars is more likely to require surgical excision combined with a series of dermabrasion treatments or aggressive laser peels

The cost depends on the treatment and procedure involved.

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Acne scar treatment

I have no idea what these scars look like. In general, I treat acne scars with 3-4 sessions with the Infini. Deeper scars can be filled with Bellafill. Other treatments include: PRP, subcision, TCA cross, laser resurfacing. See link.

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