Husband Against Plastic Surgery Unless Its for Reconstructive Purposes. How Do I Convince Him?

I have some premature aging in my neck and am ready for a neck lift. My husband is very much against it and feels that besides thinking I don't need it, plastic surgery represents vanity at its worst when people undergo such treatments to slow the aging process. He is also afraid that after seeing many celebrities who have money and access to the worlds best plastic surgeons, they still end up looking unnatural. How do I convince him?

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Husband against plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is definitely a topic that almost everyone has an opinion on.  If you feel strongly about having surgery, you should bring your husband in for your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon so that he may share his concerns.  He may be more agreeable afterward.  There may also be some on-surgical options available to you that may help with your neck issues.  Having his support would be very helpful should you decide to have surgery.  Best of luck.

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