How Should I Care for Oily, Dry Skin?

I have combination skin that is dry and oily. Which products or product ingredients do you recommend for this skin type?

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One of the best ingredients for all skin types is retinol

One of the best ingredients for all skin types is retinol, as it helps to regulate, normalize, and repair skin on a molecular level.

Another excellent ingredient for both skin types are polyhydroxy acids since they exfoliate in a gentle manner, even out skin tone and diminishing pore size.

A helpful ingredient in moisturizers is soy. Soy-based moisturizers are able to balance skin-type adding moisture to dry skin and diminishing oiliness when necessary.

Finally, a healthy alkalinizing diet, rich in green leafy vegetables and fiber, is helpful in regulating skin. Cola and sugar drinks should be replaced with water (and a squeeze of lemon); sparkling water is also fine.

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Exfoliation & Oil Free Products

Use an oil free and sulfate free cleanser that will not strip the natural oils from the skin.
It's best to use a toner that contains witch hazel. Witch hazel will balance out the PH level of the skin, therefore control the sebum production. Witch hazel will also help to shrink the pores.
Use an oil free moisturizer on a daily basis with an SPF. Exfoliation is key for dehydrated skin. Use a gentle PH balanced (enzyme) scrub once a week to eliminate impurities and dead skin cells for cell and collagen renewal.

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