How Effective is GFX in Minimizing Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles?

I have tried Botox to reduce horizontal forehead wrinkles and found it to be very effective. UNFORTUNATELY, its effectiveness starts at 1 week post injection and stops at 6-7 weeks post injection (with mobility return at a FAST rate.) I've been reading about GFX and wondering if it would provide a satisfactory result. Does anyone have experience with GFX or is it simply another unused idea? Regarding Botox: I understand the concept of "planned obsolescene", but I see ZERO reason to explain to my boss why I need to see a doctor every few weeks (excluding a true medical issue.) Come on guys... my Dad and his friends put a man on the moon! Can't you stop a wrinkle or two for more than a month???

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GFX for forehead lines

GFX or Relaxed Expressions as it is now called is not widely used for forehead lines. The most common use is for Glabellar lines where it can be very effective if you have reasonable expectations. It does not paralyze the face like Botox does, but reduces muscle contraction strength and therefore the targeted lines with a natural result. The problem with horizontal forehead lines is that it is difficult to predict what degree of recovery the nerve will have and you really need to treat the nerve completely and then expect some recovery. Paralyzing the muscle that produces glabellar lines completely and forever is not a big problem. If you were to completely and permanantly paralyze the forehead however it might cause eyebrow drooping. Therefore not many physicians using GFX have treated this area. It may become more common in the future.

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