I recently fell and got a laceration above my eye into the eye brow into a existing scar. What's the best way to treat? (photos)

I recently got stiches while visiting europe. I am worried they did a bad job with the stiches and only used 4 for the entire cut. They also did not pay attention and it appears they pulled the right eye brow up towards the laceration. Is there a way to graft new hairs into the laceration or realign and reduce the size of the gap in the eye brow? They also told me to leave the stitches in for 10 days? Does that seem accurate given the wound? Would love some guidance!

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Taking care of a stitched wound

I would start with Plato's Scar Serum and stitch removal once the skin heals over. The suture marks may require fractional laser and PDL.


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