Hereditary Under-eye Discoloration

The bluish-reddish discoloration under my eyes is really bothering me. I have tried to seek help from a dermatologist in my area and ended up wasting over 1000$ with no change in appearance. If anyone could recommend a treatment (if a treatment is possible) or point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

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Under the eye shadows and pigment

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In most people there is a noticeable difference in skin coloration between the lower lid and the cheek with the lower lid skin usually being darker or bluish. As far as I know and have extensively researched, there are no known effective treatments to lighten this skin. The shadow can be filled with Restylane but the pigment will remain. Unfortunately, there are numerous physicians out there that charge a lot of money for ineffective or unproven treatments.

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Hereditary Discoloration Under the Eyes

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Hi Dood,

The problem of discoloration under the eyes is most difficult to treat.  Please let us know if you find a treatment that helps, for the most part it is best to accept it.  If shadows are contributing then a small amount of properly placed Restylane should help.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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