Help for Hemosiderin Staining After Cellulitis?

I fell on concrete & severely injured my knee in 2001. Anterior half of leg just below the knee almost to ankle was soon almost black. 2 days later I developed cellulitis there in about an 8x4" area down the length of the anterior of my shin. To this day, there's a fairly dark stain exactly where the cellulitis was, lightening little, if any. Any hope of improvement or treatment after this long? A similar quarter-size spot after a lumpectomy has gradually mostly faded after 3 yrs.

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Treating iron staining of the skin

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Some iron staining can be influence with with light acid peels and if caught early, I have had some success using high potency cortisone applied topically.  The main issue here is the length of time that this has been present.  After 11 years I am doubtful that any treatment is going to bring much success.  I am sure that is not what you wanted to hear, but that is my experience.


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