I've had these bumps on my penis for about 2 months now. Some have a rough surface. Any suggestion? (photos)

They do itch but not all the time mainly when I get out of the shower there is also more bumps on my scrotum and one near my Anus. I did have unprotected sex this is really bothering me I already went to get an std test as well (still waiting on results)

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Always an emotional issue when the problem involves your

personal area...but the good news in this case is it looks non-sexual...probably a condition called lichen planus...and usually treated with a cream...may spread to your arms and legs but may stay localized to your genital area...at least from the picture, doesn't look like genital warts or anything else in that category...rest assured and relax...

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Spots on Penis

Seek a biopsy from your dermatologist.  This could be many things but on the differential diagnosis is eruptive syringomas and lichen planus, psoriasis, and fordyce spots.  All can be treated once diagnosed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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