Glued Forehead Wound, Big Gap Now. What To Do? (photo)

My son fell and split his forehead open. At the ER they advised us to use glue instead of stitches. Now 2 weeks later, the glue is peeling off and the scar looks awful, big gap and really red. What can I do to reduce scarring? or is there anything I can do at his point to have it closed more?

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2 week old forehead wound

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At this point, it would not be wise to excise and reclose the wound as the chance of infection would be higher and the tissues are still injured.  The better plan would be to use some antibiotic ointment and keep it covered by a bandaid.  It should heal and close on its own in a few weeks.  Massage the scar and give it at least 6 months to settle.  Meantime see a plastic surgeon about the possibility of a scar revision.

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