What's the best way to help with collagen depleted, thinning skin?

I'm 43 years old experiencing rapidly thinning skin. It's especially bad around my eyes (lids and hollow around lower eye) but really my whole skin on my face is thinning so quickly and I'm wondering what my best options are? 1) I'm in the beginning process and am not sure if an aesthetician is better than a dermatologist, and what can be done to get me good results. 2) the best types of fillers, procedures or products that can help.

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Thinning Skin And Treatment Options

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Topical vitamin A creams as well as peels/lasers and radiofrequency devices would be very useful to help repleate your naturally lost collagen and get lifting and better texture and tone.  Best, Dr. Emer!

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Ways to Improve the Lost Collagen in your Skin though Injections and Lasers

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Procedures such as Thermage improve and build collagen in your skin.  Injections such as Sculptra will stimulate collagen as well.  If there is hollowing under the eyes, I suggest Restylane or Belotero to be injected into this area.  All of these facial treatments need to be performed by a dermatologist who has expertise in these cosmetic injections and lasers for the best results.

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