Using Trentinoin cream and taking Doxycycline hyc in almost 3 weeks, this happened to me! Should I stop taking it? (photos)

I use trentinoin cream 0.05, and take one tab doxycycline hyc 100mg daily as the direction from my doctor. It has been almost 3 weeks, my problem include: redness, so dry even after washing my face, also a lot small new pimples grow. I have to use immediately moisturizer (cetaphil) after washing face because it is really dry. When I go out, I use moisturizer and spf to protect my skin. Do this reactions reduce? Should or should not I stop this treatment? I worry it will be more worse if I stop?

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Acne treated with Retin A and Doxy

I don't know where you came from. However, treatment is not always effective immediately. The cream takes 6 weeks or longer to work. I would stay the course. Adding a chemical peel or laser might help to get faster resolution. Moisturizers inhibit the Retin A and I would avoid them.

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