Do I have facial cellulitis? What is wrong with my cheek? (photos)

I had a stye a couple of years ago. I stupidly refused to go to the hospital in hopes it would clear up. After a couple squeezes, baby shampoo, and other home remedies I gave up and let it run it's course. After several months it subsided but maybe a month later I notcied my right cheek swollen. I went to the ER. They did a blood test which came back neg. I got Amoxicillin and took it all. No signifigant change. It's been this way, slightly better or worse, for two years now. Any ideas?

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Cellulite removal

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Facial cellulite

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Dear SS,
Judging by your photos there are
not signs of facial cellulite.
I would suggest you consult a board
certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist
to evaluate your concerns.
Best wishes.

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