Laser Treatment of Sebaceous Hyperplasia

My neck has poikloderma of civates and not sure what treatment would give the best result for that type of condition.What is Portrait Plasma Regeneration or PSR?  Is it another laser skin treatment like Fraxel? I have been exploring fraxel treatments for poikloderma of civates face and neck and sebaceous hyperplasia on the facial skin.

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Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia

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I think you do not need the expense and down time of Fraxel, as short as that might be. It is much easier and far far cheaper to have sebaceus gland hyperplasia treated with 85% trichloracetic. I do not know the actual fee for this since I do not charge extra for to administer it, but I am sure it is less than Fraxel and is more effective. The acid is placed only on the areas of sebaceous gland hyperplasia.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Portrait will not treat sebaceous gland hyperplasia

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Portrait is relatively ineffective for sebaceous gland hyperplasia; I have no experience with Fraxel but imagine it is not likely to help too much for this problem. This problem needs to be treated relatively aggressively as pointed out by Dr. Oppenheim, via 85% TCA or via spot treatments with a CO2 laser.

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