Fraxel Restore Dual for Acne Scars and Atrophied Skin (Asian Skin)?

Hi, i have acne scars and atrophied skin (steroid use to bleach the skin lighter). i was considering fraxel restore dual, what i want to know is that whether i should go for full face treatment or treat only the affected area(cheeks). my cheeks already have hypo pigmentation and hypertrophic scar due to my previous dermabrasion procedure(which was a complete disaster). i really don't want to end up in more mess trying to resolve my previous issues. Would appreciate your response. Regards

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If you’re trying to make your acne scars better you need to have laser treatment, depending on how deep they are or what kind of scars you are dealing with. You have a few different options. There is Profractional laser, micro laser peel or even a face lift to stretch the skin and help improve the deeper scars. Good luck..


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Treating a variety of types of acne scars

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Without seeing your particular face (in photos or in person), there is no way I can give you a truly accurate and personalized recommendation. What I will say, is that different scars require different treatments. Hypertrophic scars can benefit from both a texture and a redness laser. Some types of scars may require subcision or punch excisions. Discoloration may be temporary and can be exacerbated by the sun or medications. I recommend finding a qualified and experienced dermatologist who can address all of these issues specifically. 

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Fractional resurfacing for acne scars

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I love the results from fractional resurfacing and think it is among the best tools we have to improve the appearance of acne scars.  Deep ice pick scars will not respond to this treatment.  The Fraxel system is designed to focus treatment on problem areas but to include full face treatment at some level due to the fact that there can be some pigment changes for awhile and it just makes everything look more even if done as an entire unit.  With Fraxel you will probably be looking at 4-6 treatments spaced about a month or 6 weeks apart.  The Sciton Profractional XC system allows for deeper placement of energy and more focused treatment of acne scarring.  This is the system I have switched to and feel that it is superior to the Fraxel system.  Check out the Sciton website for before/after pics

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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