I Had 1 Fotofacial 5 Weeks Ago and the Hollowing Around my Eyes is Worse. Why?

I had a fotofacial 5 weeks ago and from the get go, I lost plumpness in my skin, noticably at my nasal labial folds and around my eyes. The hollowing around my eyes is worse and I have more fine lines around my eyes than I had before the fotofacial. My skin also often feels dry, kind of like a windburned feeling. I read stories of fat loss in the weeks and months after a fotofacial and now I am worried I have fat loss on my face. I am 100% sure I have lost volume. Any thoughts?

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A photofacial should not cause any hollowing of areas.  Most people experience a little swelling after the procedure. 

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FF should have no effect on your eye hollowing.  There may be a little swelling causing this to appear like a hollowing has occurred.

Vivek Bansal, MD
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