For Shallow Acne Scars (Shallow and Rolling), is There a Time-frame for Healing?

My daughter has suddenly developed shallow acne scars on her left cheek and around her mouth - within the last three months. We are currently seeing a dermatologist, but I am wondering if there is a period of time when shallow acne scars can still heal themselves. I am afraid to hear the answer for this question, but would appreciate hearing realistic expectations. Thank you

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Acne scars

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Not know ing your daughters age and not having a picture, it is hard to give you any estimates of potential recovery. I am assumingthat she is not recovering from deep cystic acne which really alters the architecture of the deep dermal tissue and result in challenging scars. The more superficial papules and pustules of common teenage acne will go through a phase of being red, having some sublte indenting of the skin for awhile followed by that fading over a period of a year or so.   It is important to control the active disease early and keep it under control until her skin matures.  If irregularities persist, they can be addressed in the future.  The newest gold standard for treatment of persistent acne scarring is fractional laser resurfacing done as a series of treatments

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 New onset acne scars do indeed improve over time. Often patients see the red color caused by acne and assume this is scarring. This will completely clear after several months resulting in a much improved appearance. If true scarring exists, wait one year, then consider CO2 laser treatments. We have more options to treat acne scarring than ever before.


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It is very hard to advice what kind of treatment would benefit you the best without seeing you. In our practice we give our patients all the options you have, starting with laser, Profractional laser with micro laser peel. If you want more lasting results and bigger results we also recommend a mini facelift, stretching out the skin will help with the deep scars.


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