Brachiopasty scar tight lengthwise. (photos)

I had a brachioplasty 6 months ago. On one arm, the scar is tight lengthwise, and whenever I lift my arm, the scar is so tight it turns white and looks like a rope. The photos don't show the tight string I'm explaining. When I go to the gym, it is very noticeable. I've had steroid injects 3 times, and the CO2 laser once. Though I hate to go through a revision, would a z-plasy solve this problem? Any other ideas? (And yes, my surgeon is ASPS, I'm continuing to see him etc) Thank you.

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Surgical scar revision on the arms after an arm lift

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I would avoid surgery at this time. Start with laser therapy and application of Plato's Scar Serum and Melarase creams to the area. 

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