Fillers to Temporarily Treat Shallow Acne Scars After Accutane?

I recently finished a course of Accutane. I have several shallow scars that I am unhappy with. I am aware that healing time is greatly affected for about 6 months after finishing Accutane.

Is it OK to have filler injected several months prior to any surgical remediation? I plan on having subcision/CO2 laser done when I am able. Will injectables in the meantime have negative effects?

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I would recommend a year following Accutane rather than 6 months. Why take chances?

Cosmoderm would be an ideal filler. I find it excellent for most acne scars, except for the ice-pick ( nothing short of ablative CO2 laser , dermabrasion , or deep chemical peel remedies this type of scar) or box-car scar. This is a collagen filler derived from human tissue, foreskins. It lasts about six months. Be sure to find someone with good technique and experience with the collagen fillers.

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