Dent on Butt After Fall. Will It Ever Go Away?

I fell on the corner of my tiled fireplace onto my left buttock. There was a massive bruise for a couple of weeks, now there is a large indent that feels like a rod is in there. Will this ever go away on it's own or should I have a plastic surgeon take a look? I've had shots to dissolve scar tissue 30 years ago after a serious accident on my face, arms and feet. Is that a possiblity?It's just weird...I'm not a model or anything but you can see the indent thru my's embarrasing.

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It sounds like you had a hematoma that caused fat wasting.  You should see a plastic surgeon to be evaluated.

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Traumatic depression of buttocks

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Yes, you should see a plastic surgeon. You sound as if you had a traumatic hematoma that can cause subcutaneous atrophy and even fat necrosis. This might be helped by fat grafting.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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