Is microneedling + PRP significantly better than microneedling + Peptide treatment?

My primary purpose is to improve texture and enlarged pores. There is a higher cost for PRP, and I'd like to determine whether or not it's worth it if I am not concerned with improving acne scars. Thank you in advance.

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PRP and

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PRP can help accelerate wound healing in most patients, wether its better than peptide with microneedling can not be proven. What is better than micro needling is the combination of energy based micro needling, example is the INFINI RF system - this delivers micro channels with energy to remodel collagen at specific depths. I often combine this, with PRP for acne scarring, for general skin rejuvenation microneedling with or without PRP - Peptides can be beneficial, but for scars, I do think energy - heat needs to remodel collagen. Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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