Fair Price for Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Hi, I have been given a quotation for plastic surgery from a surgeon but on top of that, he has added hospital fees and anesthetic. The procedure is the following Mastopexy £3300, Labiaplasty £900 and Liposuction thighs £2500.

However, he has added a hospital fee of £4075 and anesthetic of £1200. Is this normal and is it a fair price?

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Prices for multiple procedures

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Prices are surgical procedures vary depending on location and surgeon. The prices that you quote are very reasonable compared to Manhattan prices. If you are in smaller cities, you may be able to find lower prices. As for hospital and anesthesia fees, this is completely normal. Some surgeons may bundle all the prices together, but the total no matter if bundled or unbundled, ends up the same. The hospital and anesthesia fees do not go to the doctor, they go to the hospital and anesthesia department. Good luck with your surgery.

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