Best Treatment for Someone with Recurring Acne?

i have pcos and never had to many of the symptoms just a mild case only missed periods but sense being pregnant with my first child 5yrs ago i started with bad acne and it did go away and with my second pregnancy had no problem now sense having my third i have been dealing with acne but this past month its grown worse and ive been to dermatologist a had full of times tried oral and topical meds and been to my gyncologist for birth contro;.i need to control my acne and wont to try something...

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Tough to treat acne

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It sounds as if you have been treated appropriate to date. There is probably a hormonal component to your recalcitrant acne. This is difficult to treat but would recommend that you follow up with your dermatologist to discuss the alternatives in this scenario. You may be a candidate also for Accutane and only your dermatologist can make that determination.

West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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