Surgery to Correct Facial Asymmetry Caused by Bell's Palsy?

When I was born, the doctor paralysed my face with forceps. I had Bell's palsy for over a month and as a result, my face is now very asymmetrical. One side of my face is normal; the other side is flatter and narrower; my eye is slightly lower (which I'm pretty sure nothing can help); my lower lip is more to that side, as is my chin.

Is there anything that can be done? I don't care about cost and understand all the emotional repurcussions of surgery but I'm fed up of being upset and disgusted all the time.

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Managment of facial asymmetry after Bell's Palsy

This is a complex problem and can be improved but not completely corrected. It may involve a combination of skin, soft tissue, fat, muscle, bone surgery. It will likely require multiple procedures and possibly multiple specialists. Seek a consultaion with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss the options for management. You may also seek the services of a otolaryngologist or oral surgeon.

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