What Are Sloutions For Under Eye Wrinkles and Bumps?

Hi, I posted before but didn't have pictures. I am only 26 and have so many problems with my under eyes. terrible darkness, bumps along the tear trough, bad wrinkles. My left eye has this huge wrinkle under it and as it extends towards the nose it turns into a crossed wrinkle with lines coming down from the top and bottom and folding in. Because of this the skin folds between my normal bag so it's like there are two bags. What are real solutions to fix these wrinkles and bumps?

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Options for undereye wrinkles and bumps

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It's a little hard to tell what's being shown in the pictures because they don't seem to be in focus.  If the bumps in you tear trough look like tiny yellowish or white bumps (like "chicken skin")  they are probably normal sebaceous (oil) glands that are becoming more visible as the skin around the glands gets thinner with aging.  As the skin around the eyes get thinner, the normal veins under the skin can become more visible cause a dark appearance under the eyes.  Sometime small blood vessels under the eyes can leak a little blood causing a discoloration from hemosiderin (a breakdown product from blood).

Any treatments that help to build up collagen in the skin can improve the appearance of your under eye area. There are many excellent eye creams by companies like SkinMedica, Obagi and Revale that can help over time. Treatments like Thermage and Fraxel can also help to build up collagen and improve the appearance of this delicate area.  Botox can help by relaxing the muscles that are causing the skin to crease.  Fillers help by plumping up under the wrinkles;  in this area the filler should be put deep on the bone under the eye.

You may need to use multiple modalities to get the best results.  Start by finding a doctor that has lots of experience in all these options.  Experience is crucial when dealing with the delicate under eye area.

Good luck!

Houston Dermatologic Surgeon
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What Are Sloutions For Under Eye Wrinkles and Bumps?

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Treat your allergies, then try neuromodulators (Botox, dysport) and then a little bit of fillers (restylane, perlane, juvederm).


Ramtin Kassir, MD

Ramtin Kassir, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What to do about under eye wrinkles and darkness

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There are common conditions in people with sensitive dry skin and seasonal allergies, called allergic shiners and Denny Morgan lines that give you darkness and wrinkles in the lower eyelid.  It is possible even at age 26 to have enough soft tissue loss and sun damage to have actual aging changes in those areas, but the allergy/hayfever/atopy connection seems more reasonable.

Since it's not possible to change your body's sensitivity to the environment, there are some treatments that can help this area look better.

1-2 units of Botox can be injected into the lower eyelid to relax the orbicularis a small amount.  That tends to smooth the wrinkles.  I would try that first.

If the tear trough area is still significant, consider an injection with a hyaluronic acid filler like Restylane, which I prefer for tear troughs.

Treating your allergies or avoiding situations where allergies flare up is also helpful.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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