Eye Scar After Car Accident? What Revision Can Be Done? (photo)

Hello, 4 weeks ago I was in a car addicent. The resulting scar around my eye and lid has caused my eye to appear essentially 'bug-eyed' with the scar creating a new line which my eye closes into. Additionally it appears as if the eye is slightly lazy with the eye lid sitting lower. Due to the spherical nature of the scar it appears it has constricited the natural flow of the eye line. Additional the scar below the eye is slightly stepped. Can the scar and damage be rectitifed?

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Improving scars underneath the eyes

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The scar seems to be indented. At this point, fractional co2 laser and percutaneous scar release are probably the two best options for your scar.

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For Eye scar I would suggest geometric line closure and laser resurfacing to follow

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For Eye scar I would suggest geometric line closure and laser resurfacing to follow. The geometric line will break up the long scar and camouflage it better and the laser resurfacing done at the earliest at 6-8 weeks will further buff it out and improve the superficial aspects of the scar.

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Scar treatment on the face

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Thank you for your question.

It appears that the scar you developed was a result of the injuring force being under slight angle towards the cheek bone and lifting a little a soft tissue plane. This is slightly better than a direct blow which would have resulted in a ragged scar due to more of soft tissues being contused and smashed. As the scar is still forming you may use silicone plasters or gel to make it softer. I would not advise any scar revision as it appears to be a linear scar and following natural skin tensile lines. I would advise to influence tissue remodeling by using collagen stimulating injections such as Sculptra in the tissues surrounding the scar area. This will lift the area of the 'lower step' beneath the scar. I would combine it with  the dye laser therapy to potentate the effects of Sculptra. After 3-6 months you can use micro needling on the skin of the cheek and surrounding area. Using a dermastamp would be better for this. In between this weekly sessions use topically preparations containing Retinol, Vit C and a mild steroid for increased cell turn over and collagen stimulation.

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