What Is he Best Treatment For An Eyelid Scar? (photo)

Greetings. I grazed my eyelid on a pillow zipper by mistake. It bled a little and took a few days to heal. However I am left with a skin accumulation on my eyelid after healing (photos attached). What is the best way to get rid of this? I prefer non surgical procedure but will go for it if absolutely impossible without it. I am told by my Opthamologist that this could be Keloids- but I wanted an expert opinion. Do kindly advice. Sheeba Chadha

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Treatment of eyelid scar

If the ophthalmologist is calling it a keloidal scar, topical steroid would be the first step to decreasing the raised scar. If topical steroids don't flatten the scar, intralesional steroid injections can be done.

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