What Level of Pain Should Be Expected After Having Fraxel Laser Treatments to Remove Surgical Scars?

Does the pain after Fraxel laser treatments feel mild or more intense, like a sunburn?

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After Fraxel Laser - briefly feels like minor sunburn

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The mild discomfort following a Fraxel laser treatment feels and looks like a mild sunburn and typically only lasts a few hours.   

Palm Springs Dermatologic Surgeon
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Scar revision

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I do not know what you have been told but you cannot remove surgical scars. You can make them less noticeable by make up camouflage, scar flattening, redirecting scar direction or laser to repigment or depigment them. It is impossible to erase them. If someone has told you then can erase them you should run in the opposite direction and not give them your money.

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Aaron Stone, MD
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Pain or discomcort after Fraxel treatment tends to be mild.

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Dear writer, pain or discomcort after Fraxel treatment tends to be mild. It does feel like a sunburn immediately after the treatment, but it typically subsides very quickly. Although some patients may always experience higher pain levels after Fraxel or any other cosmetic laser procedure, commonly there is only mild pain or discomfort for a day or two after Fraxel. If this the case, patients can take ibuprofen over-the-counter for ease of the discomfort. Applying cold compresses for fifteen to twenty minutes of every hour until bedtime on the day of the procedure is very helpful to reduce swelling and pain immediaty post fraxel. It is important to mention that the energy settings used to treat surgical scars may be higher than for other cosmetic uses/conditions, depending on the scar, leading to somewhat higher pain levels. However, overall the procedure is very well tolerated by patients during treatment and after.

Pain can be easily controlled for your treatment.

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Pain can be easily controlled for your treatment.  The use of topical anesthesia, oral sedation, laughing gas or local anesthesia will make it possible to have the Fraxel Laser Treatment with minimal or no pain.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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