How Can I Enhance my Sunken Eyes?

My eyes seem to be sunk-in, especially under my eyes.

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Options for hollow eyes

Non surgical options include a variety of fillers.

Fractionated lasers will improve texture and pigmentation but will do little for the hollowed appearacne.

In contrast to injectable fillers, fat grafting is a surgical alternative.

Surgical options vary tremendously and include: blepharoplasty or without SOOF suspension, fat grafting, or fat flaps, as well as midface lift.

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Eye Rejuvenation Options

There are many options with many benefiting from a combination of options depending on what the goals and conditions are. Being that you used the description of "sunken" eyes, we're assuming you are referring to a loss of volume to this area which is a common scenario as we age.

One of our most popular treatments is referred to as "tear trough" injections. This means that we use Restylane (Juvederm is not recommended in this area because of the greater potential for migration out of the area nor should semi-permanent fillers be used) in the depressed area between the lower eyelid and cheek bone area.

Treatments are usually done within thirty minutes and have very little discomfort associated with the procedure. Being that the eye area is a very unforgiving area, technqiue and training is a must. Most of our female patients maintain their results for six to nine months.

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Fillers or cosmetic eye surgery

The picture does not show the eye lid area very well. However, there are two options:

Using fillers as an office-based procedures to fill the area around the eyelids or perfoming an eye lift to re-drape the tissues. Hope that helps.

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