Am I eligible for smilelign clear braces?

I have a missing lateral incisor which has been replaced by an adult canine which is located next to the baby canine where it should be. My other teeth are perfectly straight and do not require braces. I have been advised to extract my baby canine and use train track braces (which i wish to replace with smilelign) to move my adult canine to its preferred place and then have a fake tooth put in. Would this work using smilelig clear braces?

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Try a bridge...

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Without having photos to consider, it's tough to say with great certainty, but based on your reporting, I would simply recommend removing the baby tooth and placing a bridge to cover the open space.  In placing the bridge, the canine could be crowned to appear like a lateral incisor and the missing tooth could be replaced with a look-alike canine.  I suspect this would likely improve the look of your teeth greatly and eliminate the need for any aligners.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

Clear braces

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Canine is a tough tooth to move and that too with smilelign, not possible. Best is to have it cosmetically modified to look like lateral incisor and get the baby tooth removed and replaced. 

Using clear aligners to move a canine into an extraction space

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Unfortunately moving a canine with a big root horizontally back to it's rightful place is a bit too much for aligners. You will need fixed braces. Fastbraces could do this with white ceramic brackets.
You only get 1 chance to do this right, so fixed it is.

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