Ear Piercing in an Adult - Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist?

Who should I reach out to about ear piercing. I have been told my skin has a tendency to keliod (I do not have any keliod scars, but my grandfather does). None of the women on either side have had issues with their ear piercing. My parents were concerned therefore never allowed me to pierce my ears. As a 30 year old and all the advances in medicine, I wanted to reach out again. I am not sure whether to reach out to a plastic surgeon or dermerotolgist.

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Who to Choose to do Ear Piercing

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This is an interesting question and fortunately one that was actually studied.  The comparison was between having your ears pierced in a  physician's office versus a shopping mall kiosk.  The result surprised me.  There were lower rates of complications at the kiosk than in the physician's office.  What this likely represents is experience.  Someone that does a task everyday is better at the task than a person that does it 6 times a year.  That said, if you elect to have an MD do your piercing, choose the person that does it routinely.

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