Why don't plastic surgeons offices allow prospective patients to come in & look at before/after photos before a consult is set?

These are serious operations and the consults are quite$$$. I am not sure how many people can afford so many consults & fees. I am looking for a great plastic surgeon in the Boston area. How do I go about getting referrals? This feels so darn complicated. There are so many options and so many ways to go about trying to get the same effect. I'm a bit lost. I have consulted with the chief of plastic at B&W. I like him very much, but wonder, at his age, does he know the latests techniques?

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You may find that if you consult with a private practice plastic surgeon, the consultation fee will be much less or even waived. I know that in my practice, consultations are complimentary. In an academic setting such as B & W, the docs have no control over the consultation fees as they are usually charged by the institution. Dr. Eriksson is experienced and very well respected as a plastic surgeon. Yes he is older but as a teacher he must keep up and he is surrounded by younger faculty members so he is certainly "up to date". If you would like a private practice option, I would recommend, Dr. Sumner Slavin in Brookline. I know him pretty well (we went to college together) and he is excellent, exceptionally well versed in the latest techniques and widely published.

As for looking at before and after photos, most plastic surgeons today have websites which contain such before and after photo galleries which you can peruse before a consultation.

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