Does Dermalastyl-B Really Work for Wrinkles?

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Not Sure

Maybe I am overly skeptical, but whenever a company claims that their product is Better than Botox? I approach this product with some negativity. This is a gambit I am afraid many of the unwary have fallen for. The key here is the question mark. The FDA would slap with a penaly without the question mark. You could say, Better than a facelift? or anything else if you add the all important question mark. All those who have had BOTOX (without a complication) can verify that there is no way a cream can duplicate the result.
A second thing that makes me skeptical is that the company claims that other companies with their peptides only have 6 amino acids in them, but their porduct contains over 600. What does this mean? Amino acids are just the building blocks of proteins. Any cream that has a lot of proteins has innumerable amino acids.
Third, they base a lot of research on Dr. Steve Lamm, an anti-aging expert. However, with all due respect to Dr. Lamm, an internist, his area of expertise seems to be sexual therapy and women's issues, not skin care. I would much rather the research be done by dermatoloigsts, or Phd's in molecular biology or such.
Fourth, the study I read that I was guided to was not published in a refereed medical journal as best I can tell.
Now with all the negative views out of the way. I frankly can not tell you whether it would work for you.
The claims for this product are based around an ingredient called elastotropin. This purpostedly boosts the elastin tissue in the dermis. Hopefully, it does and if so this would be a nice product to add to your anti-aging armamentarium.
However, I would have liked to see scientific studies showing how much of the stuff makes its way into the dermis. If it does reach the dermis how long does it last? Once nestled in the dermis, does it actually make the skin look younger? Does it prevent further collagen or elastin loss?
Perhaps, these studies will come out and ease my skepticism. Until then Dermalstyl-B seems to have some nice moisturizing products and some of the peptides we see in its numerous competitors.
So try it on one side of your face and compare it to your present skin care product. If after six months you see a difference, let us know.

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