8 years post op, I pick a scab. What Dermatological/cosmetic Procedures Would You Recommend for Me? (photo)

8 years ago I pick a scab which eventually became pinkish. I covered it with a bandaid for about a 8-10hrs a day for month. A scar formed. I had laser(2010) procedures as well as chemical peels(2012). After about the 3rd procedure of each one respective I seen the best results, but upon the 6th peel/laser treatment it looks as if nothing was done at all. The scar is slightly raised and very noticable in light. Are there any procedures you would recommend that I may have overlooked? Thanks

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A second opinion by a facial plastic/dermatologist/plastic surgeon and more than one would give you an idea of what would be recommended.  Non-procedure treatment for my practice would be Triluma or Kligman's solution with hydroquinone, retin-A, and hydrocortisone.  We like TCA peels from PCA on a regular basis or higher strength peels from the physician.

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You do not say what laser treatment you had-maybe you were never told. Have you ever had the scar injected with cortison?. If it is no longer red, it may be too late. You could see a plastic surgeon and consider having the scar cut out and then having it treated with the pulsed dye laser as soon as it becomes red. However, it appears you may be dark-skinned and then the new scar might also become darker.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
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