Time between TCA peel and 1540 fractional laser?

I'm recieving 3 laser treatments, 1 month apart at a dermatologist clinique, over a course of months. I have some home 15 % TCA peels, that i have been using recently with good results. Would it be safe to do peelings in between the laser surgeries (like 15 days after- and before laser)? The peels and surgeries are all for acne scars.

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TCA peels and laser.

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This can only be answered by your treating dermatologist, as the intensity of 1540 is not known by us. If you heal up within 5 days, sure, by the second week two coat 15% TCA peel is safe, however if you have prolonged redness or skin pigmentation, its probably not a good idea. If you would like to incorporate your own regime, discuss with your treating dermatologist, and he or she will guide you as the parameters of the laser may need to be adjusted with your added regime. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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