Does Demeclocycline Help Acne? I Take It Daily for SIADH.

I am 50 and began having acne about 2 years ago--probably due to menopausal hormonal fluctuations. I am reluctant to use Retin-A oriented products because I already have a lot of issues with the photosensitivity to the sun associated with Demeclocycline. I have been taking Demeclocycline daily since 1997 when I had an episode of coma and was diagnosed with SIADH. No problems since I was put in Demeclocycline, meaning I still have low sodium but I don't have symptoms.

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Desmocycline and acne

Desmocycline is a tetracycline antibiotic which can be effective for treating acne; however classically it is the most photosensitizing of all of the tetracyclines.  It tends to be more photosensitizing than doxycycline and minocycline.  It is not trypically prescribed for acne because of this, however it is effective.  If you are still breaking out on this I think adding a topical treatment is reasonable.  A lower potency retinoid would be a good choice along with a daily SPF of at least 30 preferably with a physical blocker such as zinc or titanium dioxide.   Other options would be topical aczone, azeleic acid, or a glycolic fomulation.   

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