Will 1 Week Old Second Degree Steam Burn Scars Go Away?

I am 31 years old asian female.i had a bad incident last sunday 10/10/10 while i was trying to open pressure cooker it blew up,got second degree burns on my nose around the nose cheek area and chin,chest neck and both arms 9%.there were blisters on my face and neck and arms but they popped and the burnt skin is peeling away leaving behind pinkish skin....how do i take care of this so that they don't leave a scar ,the doctors at burn clinic prescribed gentamycin for face and silvadene for arms.

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Scar removal of burn scars on the face - Fractional CO2 and Melaquin

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Most likely, a partial second degree burn will epithelialize and regain skin.  The majority of these burn scars will have textural changes and hyperpigmentation.  I would advise you to first begin Melaquin AM and PM for the color and then consider the Fractional CO2 laser for surface skin resurfacing.  These both are excellent scar removal treatments

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Minimizing burn scar

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It is impossible to not have any scar afterward. I had a similar burn on my wrist from the steam in a coffeepot over a year ago. It has healed with normal feeling skin but the color is slightly darker than the surrounding skin and will probably be so for ever. The most important thing to do is prevent infection or further skin damage and allow the skin to heal per the instructions of your current doctors. Afterward use sunscreen to prevent sun exposure to the injured areas because that can cause permanent skin darkening as well.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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